Agro-Vital UK are a UK based company that focuses on the integrated management of  agricultural and horticultural crops. Our range of smart fertilisers aim to maximise crop yields and quality whilst reducing the application of products that are potentially harmful to soils, crop health and the wider environment. 


We are committed to bringing products to the UK market that enhance these values either by offering growers solutions to replace crop production products that are harmful to our soils and the environment, or to help reduce their use to sustainable levels


Our Philosophy

  • Maximise  Crop Yield and quality
  • Minimise fertiliser
  • Simplify application
  • Increase Humus / Microbiota in the soil
  • Green waste recycling

The future of fertilisers

Balanced growing 


Improving fertiliser efficiency is a top priority as farmers rise to the challenge of feeding 9 billion people, whilst minimising their environmental impact. 


In response to these needs Agro-Vital has developed its concepts in crop nutrition based on its understanding of the soil’s clay-humus-complex and the soil's ability to retain nutrients allowing the crop's reliance on soil micro-organisms to utilise those nutrients. 


A healthy balance of available minerals and trace elements together with a continuous interaction between the soil and the crop’s root zone, creates a more efficient use of nutrients and energy. 


Optimising fertiliser use can go hand in hand with improved yields, profitability and soil health. By utilising the best crop nutrition practices - The 4R’s 


  • Right formulation of fertiliser 
  • Applied at the right rate
  • At the right time
  • In the right place

We can make savings in fertiliser use and still produce the same or greater yields. 


By adopting an integrated system linking new and innovative fertiliser strategies with the responsible use of organic manures that actually improve soil health, conservation tillage and the incorporation of cover crops, we can begin to repair the damage caused to our soils over the last 50- 60 years.