Agro-Vital Trials and Research

Basis of Research

At Agro-Vital UK, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with technically viable products. When we look into new products and ideas, they have to fit in to the philosophy of our company:


'Producing the Same or More Yield with Lower Inputs'


All of our products must abide by some core principles:


  • They must not be harmful to the environment
  • They must be financially viable to the farm user
  • They must produce the same or more yield as the more more harmful input we are trying to replace


As a result of this, we trial our products by taking out, sometimes completely, a potentially harmful product and replacing it with our product. This is particularly the case with:


  • Efficient 28
  • P-Focus
  • Bladkali

We are not looking to massively increase yields, more to trial products that are more environmentally sustainable without suffering any yield loss or reducing farm profitability. This philosophy needs to be taken into account when looking at our trials results.


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