pH regulator for good irrigation water 




 SupHuse is a pH regulator with a colour indicator, made from a mixture of organic acids. With this agent, the pH of the spray liquid can easily be brought to the desired pH of 5.3. 



pH regulator for good irrigation water 

- Rapid absorption and better functioning of systemic agents. 

- Low risk of overdose due to formulation. 

- Dosage can be quickly determined by colour indicator. 

- Reduces the rate of degradation of crop protection products during application. 

- Has a flowing effect. 


Can’s of 5 Ltrs 


Mixture organic 

acids and effluents 



Technical explanation 

Crop protection products penetrate (or pass through) the wax layer in the quickest way when the pH is around 5.3. For (local) systemic crop protection products, the addition of Intake quickly has an effect on the effect of the products. 

In addition to the pH, the hardness of water also has an effect on spraying. At a high hardness above 14oDH, Calcium and Magnesium have an effect or the degradation (half-life) of crop protection products. SupHuse is also capable of buffering the free Calcium and Magnesium, which counteracts the accelerated degradation of crop protection products. 

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