Adjuvant for improved efficiency of fungicides and insecticides 


What Is Solix


Agro-Vital Solix is an adjuvant that ensures better leaf coverage. As a result, crop protection products are more quickly rainproof and better absorbed. Solix also forms a protective layer against UV degradation, making active substances work better. 

Technical explanation 

Wetters reduce the surface tension of a drop. 

The droplet is therefore well distributed on the leaf and penetrates optimally through the pores. Because of these properties, systemic agents are better absorbed. 

The stickers in Solix ensure that active substances adhere to the leaf, thus preventing runoff. In addition, the sticker forms a film over the active ingredient that protects it against UV degradation. 


- Faster and better adhesion of the active ingredient to the leaf surface. 

- Accelerated absorption of systemic agents by the epidermis. 

- Faster penetration of non-systemic insecticides into the wax layer. 

- Extended rain fastness. 

- Less rapid degradation of active ingredients by UV radiation. 

- Extra durability of contact insecticides including pyrethroids. 



Dosage of 0.075 - 0.1 % of the water quantity to be sprayed 

(75 - 100 millilitres per 100 litres of water). When creating a tank mix , Solix should be added to the water first. 

 First half-fill the tank with water and then add the desired quantity of Solix ( in one go). Then apply the crop protection products with the tank stirrer on.


For effective virus control spray Solix weekly, 

in combination with pyrethroids and/or contact insecticides and anti-viral oil. For specific advice, please consult your advisor. 



Solix is miscible with most common insecticides and fungicides. If in doubt, it is advisable to consult your supplier. 


Crop safety 

solix is safe to use in all arable crops, also in combination with mineral oils. 



Solix is an adjuvant used to improve the quality of spray liquid. The following standards apply to good quality spray water;  


Good spray water: 

- Is clean and free of dirt or floating parts 

- Has a pH between 5.0-5.5 

- Has an EC always lower than 2 mS/cm 

- Has a hardness between 6 and 14 ⁰dH 



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