The ideal placement fertiliser to promote early root establishment in Potatoes,


Oilseed Rape, Cereals & Maize

P Focus Product Information


P Focus is a unique liquid product with phosphate that can be applied directly on and around the seed, making it highly effective in promoting early root establishment.


P Focus is also very plant friendly as a foliar applied product to alleviate stress, particularly in cold, wet springs when nutrient availability in the soil is limited.


  • Provides an efficient source of N-P-K based on plant friendly raw materials
  • Encourages early root growth with good ground cover
  • Gives the crop a healthy and beneficial start
  • P-Focus is based on Amide N, orthophosphates/polysulphates and potassium, as well as sulphur, manganese and zinc.



Packaging:  20 ltr cans / 1000 ltr IBC



Advantages of P Focus

- Applied directly on the seed

- Maximises solubility of nutrients

- Optimal uptake of phosphorus

- Low salt index

- Miscible with fungicides

- Minimises corrosion of equipment

- Safe for crop at recommended volume

Application Rates

Main crop potatoes   55l/ha


Cereals                    18l/ha


Oilseed rape             18l/ha


Maize                       35l/ha


Brassica vegetables   65l/ha


Dilute in 50l of water applied at planting. Mixable with fungicides in the case of potato planting

Guaranteed Analysis

Analysis W/W


Total Nitrogen             10%

Phosphate (P2O5)       18%

Potash (K2O)              4%

Sulphur (S)                 1%

Manganese (Mn)         0.5%

Zinc (Zn)                   0.5%


Specific Gravity          1.28


pH                            6.8-7.8


Appearance: Almost colourless

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