What is Efficie-N-t 28


It is a liquid foliar nitrogen fertiliser based on urea polymers of variable lengths. The longer the chains, the slower they breakdown, resulting in a phased release of nitrogen over a total of 6 to 8 weeks.


The polymer chains break down to release nitrogen as amide(NH2), groups which are the building blocks of proteins, a process that is much more energy efficient than converting nitrate(NO3) 


Efficie-N-t 28‘novel chemistry delays the nitrogen availability to the crop to give a natural physiological response, avoiding the ‘flush’ growth, seen with nitrate based fertilisers. Nitrates draw in water, weakening the cell walls, making the crop more prone to lodging and attack by diseases.

Agronomic Benefits of Efficie-N-t 28


• Reduction in nutrient losses that occur between application and uptake by the crop

• Reduced chance of scorch
• Phased release over 6 to 8 weeks
• Optimises nitrogen efficiency
• Improved yields and improved quality
• “Sticky” technology and miscible with fungicides

Environmental Benefits


  • Not prone to leaching

  • Not prone to volatilisation

  • Nearly 100% uptake

  • Accurate application

  • Helps stay within N max

  • Minimises environmental impact

Compatability chart - Efficient 28
2020 update
EfficieNt28 tank mix compatibilities - A
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Efficient 28 Winter Wheat Crop Use Sheet
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Efficient 28 Maize Crop Use Sheet
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Efficient 28 Oilseed Rape Crop Use Sheet
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Efficient 28 Sugar Beet Crop Trial results
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