BLADKALI foliar Potassium with sulphur

Foliar Fertiliser for feeding plants additional potassium and sulphur.



BladKali TS is a clear liquid foliar fertiliser for the administration of additional potassium ( 25 % K2 0) and Sulphur (42 % SO3) as a foliar spray.

Contains 360g/L potassium and 630g/L  sulphur. BladKali TS is already in solution and requires no

special mixing which makes it the ideal foliar fertiliser.

Bladkali TS contains no chlorine and can bring potash through the canopy to the crop, as required, during the growing season when soil based fertilisers can no longer be applied to the crop due to late application or scorching.

Especially in potatoes, bulbs and vegetables a lack of potash is easily identified and can be immediately compensated. 


Potassium is important for strong root growth, maintaining stem strength, encouraging protein production and ensuring the efficiency of water uptake. Sulphur is necessary for nitrogen utilisation and is vital for protein formation.

Bladkali - foliar Potassium & sulphur
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